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2016 is our first edition of BloomerCX p/b KLM/Cold Stone Creamery and we got a lot of help from some great sponsors.  We wanted to sit down with each sponsor and ask them a few questions so you members of the MI CX Community could learn more about them.

From time to time we will post up Sponsor Interviews here.

For our final sponsor interview, we have another KLM/Cold Stone team member & BloomerCX p/b KLM/Cold Stone sponsor Mike Franskoviak of Franskoviak & Company P.C..  Find out more about what they do, as well as how Mike is helping the first edition of BloomerCX!

BloomerCX: Mike – thanks for the support you have given to this year’s race. Tell the BloomerCX Nation a little more about what your company does?
Mike Franskoviak: We are a CPA firm located in Troy, we handle accounting and taxes for small businesses and individuals.  We also specialize in helping businesses and individuals resolve their IRS and State tax problems.  I consider us to be the “emergency room” for people with serious tax problems.  If you owe more than $ 10k to IRS or State and cannot pay it, or have one or more years of unfilled tax returns, or are currently under IRS or State audit, or have tax liens filed against you, wage garnishments in place or bank levies served, or just receiving threatening letters, you need professionals that have experience and knowledge to resolve your situation.  Don’t try and handle it on your own that is like going to court without an attorney.  SO CALL US NOW!!! 855-Tax-Fixx.

BCX: Dang – hopefully I never need your emergency room services, but I am sure there are lots of readers who could use a CPA.  Could members of the BloomerCX Nation receive a discount – maybe 10%?
MF: I’ll go one better - I will add another 10% and make it 20% discount and throw in a free coffee – all you have to do is call us and mention BloomerCX to receive the discount.

BCX: 20%! That’s awesome – I hope that some of our readers take advantage of that.  Let’s shift gears (get it…..it’s a bike pun!) and talk about cycling.  How long have you been on the KLM/Cold Stone team?
MF: I think my first KLM team ride/race was Barry Roubaix in March 2013, so that would be 3.5 yrs. approx. if my math is correct.

BCX: I never doubt an accountant when it comes to math…..let’s talk about your sponsorship for this year’s race.  You did something pretty cool by putting up funds to ensure some of the Masters categories get a sizeable payout – why did you want to support that group?
MF: Well, I just hope the sponsorship money provided will help towards putting together a great race day for all, including Masters, I know there are a lot of great talent in that group.

BCX: There is a lot of talent in the masters groups – I am going to race M35 this year and I know that I will have some big time competition!  OK – Finishing up this interview with my favorite speed round of questions.  1) What does cycling mean to you in a word? 2) Favorite Race you have ever done? 3) Campy/SRAM/Shimano – pick one?
MF: 1) Fun, 2) Barry Roubaix, 3) SRAM

BCX: Well – my unofficial sponsor polling says SRAM is the most popular groupo and seems that there is a wide variety of favorite races.  Thanks to Mike and all of our sponsors….to get any more info about them click the respective logos on the right hand side of our blog.


For our 4th Sponsor Interview, we sat down with Jason Hess of Kinetic Fitness Coaching who is providing some unique prizes for this year’s race.

BloomerCX: Jason, thanks for awesome sponsorship of this year’s race…..we’ll get to more of that in a minute but first – tell the BloomerCX Nation how you got started in cycling?
Jason Hess: I rode BMX bikes around as a kid. One day I decided that I wanted to ride longer instead of jumping more. So I got my hands on 2 different disassembled Schwinn Varsity's, and was able to assemble 1 complete bike from the parts. This was when I was 13 in 1983. I quickly worked my way up from the Schwinn to a Nishiki touring bike, and then finally to a Trek 460 racing bike in 1985. I entered my first race July 4th 1985.

BCX: I was 3….not even 3 years old….so you’ve been at this for a while I take it.  That’s probably why people come to you for your coaching services – tell us more about what Kinetic Fitness Coaching is all about?
JH: have two jobs that overlap a lot in their duties.  I work as both a personal trainer, and a cycling coach. In my personal training job I set up and facilitate workout plans that help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals. And in my cycling coaching I write up weekly program that allow the athletes I work with to efficiently move towards their riding / racing goals.

BCX: Getting to ride for work sounds fun, but two jobs doesn’t – you must love what you do!  So let’s move on – for this year’s race you are giving away one month of free personalized coaching.  Why did you want to donate that?
JH: When I started racing in 1985 there was very limited information available on training. I read everything I could get my hands on to try learn the best way to get race fit. I was so driven to learn about this field I went to college to study it. I received a B.S. in Movement Science in 1992.  The background information I obtain about you, and the following 4 weeks of programs, will allow me to design a program that will maximize your time and efforts on and off of your bike.

BCX: That’s awesome Jason that you followed your passion and thirst for knowledge.  We want to grow our sport of Cyclocross here in MI so we are awarding 2 of your certificates to the fastest boy & fastest girl (determined by lap time) in our junior race.  Hopefully by working with a great coach they will be motivated to continue their cycling dreams. 

Let’s finish this interview with my normal rapid fire question segment: 1) Cycling means to you in 1 word? 2) Favorite Race? 3) SRAM/Shimano/Campy – pick one?
JH: 1) Freedom, 2) Revco Cleveland Criterium 1990, and 3) Shimano


For our 3rd Sponsor Interview we have another KLM/Cold Stone teammate – Dave Stein of Stein’s Home Improvement, Inc.

BloomerCX: Dave thanks for your sponsorship for this year’s race – let’s start with you telling us more about what your company does.
Dave Stein: We specialize in maintenance free decks, and do all types of remodeling including; kitchens, baths, finished basements, additions and we do some light commercial work. We service Oakland County.

BCX: How long have you been at it?
DS: I have been in business for 33 years. My 2 sons now are involved with the business for 4 years a piece also, but honestly been breathing the dust all their lives. 

BCX: That’s certainly a long career – how long has your cycling career been going?  How long have you been with KLM/Cold Stone?
DS: Been riding with the team for 4 years. Looking forward to many more, have a passion for riding but also enjoy the teams company, their so willingness to accommodate other riders, they inspire, and they are fun!!

BCX: So for our first edition of BloomerCX you helped in a special way – tell us what you are doing for us?
DS: I am going to start out building the barriers and podiums because out of our norm for me.  I always like to do something different, I am thinking cedar as a wood type to keep them light and last for years to come.

BCX: I am sure they will be the best barriers in the business.  For those who aren’t on our team, Dave also built a spectacular man cave which is host to a number of team events.  Trust me when I say his work is top notch quality.

Lets finish with the lightening round: 1) Cycling means to you in 1 word? 2) Favorite Race? 3) SRAM/Shimano/Campy – pick one?
DS: Cycling is Amazing, Iceman, SRAM

BCX: Thanks again Dave!  I’ll see you 10/29 race day!

Next Up - Todd Frerichs, owner of Cold Stone Creamery of Rochester Hills, our 2nd co-title sponsor for 2016!

BloomerCX: Todd - thanks again for sponsoring this year's race, with your help we are able to offer some great prizes.  I've always wondered why you got into the ice cream game?
Todd Frerichs: I got into Cold Stone because I love ice cream and always have. I was also tired of sitting in the rat race every day. I have been selling ice cream since November of 2009. My store is the 2nd largest cake store by volume in the country (Cold Stone, US).

BCX: 2nd! That’s a lot of cakes, so I get it.....selling Ice Cream is better than riding a desk, but why Ice Cream & Bikes?
TF: Ice cream and bikes. I love both. The relationship came to be on a ride with a KLM Bike and Fitness manager and a few others. It has grown from there because of others with passion like you, BRad and everyone on the team.

BCX: That's cool - thanks Todd.  Alright, let me close with my usual questions - In one word - what does cycling mean to you?
TF: Freedom

BCX: Favorite Race you have ever done?
TF: 1997 Detroit Free Press Marathon

BCX: SRAM/Shimano/Campy - pick one?

First up - Frank Marciniak, owner of KLM Bike & Fitness our co-title sponsor!

BloomerCX: Frank, thanks so much for sponsoring our team all year round, and for helping us make this first BloomerCX happen!  Tell us, how long have you been in the cycling industry?
Frank MarciniakI have been in the industry since 1984 when I got a job before I graduated college working at Village Cycle in St Clair Shores, MI - 34 Years - wow

BCXTell us more about KLM Bike and Fitness?
FM: KLM Bike & Fitness has 2 locations - Rochester Hills and Birmingham  We provide; bike fitting, repairs, and sales. KLM is the largest Specialized Dealer in Michigan and we are one of the largest Giant dealers also. We were started in 1996 so we are about to hit our 20 year milestone!

BCXIn one word, tell us what cycling means to you?   
FM: Exploration!

BCX: Favorite Race you have ever done?   
FM: My favorite race was in 1986 when I rode in the first ever bike race up Pikes Peak in Colorado. Bikes were never allowed on the mountain so you could not recon or get any information on what type of bike to use or how hard it would be. It did not matter anyway because all I had was a $400 mountain bike. I went back and forth with a guy on a road bike for 2-1/2 hours and we finished together before the cutoff time.

BCX: Pick One - Campy/SRAM/Shimano
FM: Shimano Mountain, SRAM Road, Campy is for posers.

BCX: Well Said - Thanks Again Frank!  Be sure to check out KLM on the web here